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Karl Lawrence King (1891-1971) got his start in circus bands.  There he began writing circus marches including the classic Barnum and Bailey’s Favorite.  He was a euphonium player, so he made sure to feature the low brass prominently in all of his marches.  The Trombone King (1945) is no exception: as the title implies, it spotlights the trombone section throughout the piece.  The Columbia Summer Winds dedicates its performances of this piece to the memory of Debra Silver, whose trombone and baritone playing will be forever missed by the whole band.

Now, some resources:

Karl King’s website.  Maintained by the Karl King Band in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

Karl L. King on wikipedia.

Karl King at C. L. Barnhouse publishing.  Includes an extensive biography and works list.

Notes on many of Karl King’s compositions, including The Trombone King.

A high school band in Louisville plays the march quite well: