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Category Archives: Boerma-Scott

Mr. Boerma provides the following program note on Cityscape in its score, published by Boosey & Hawkes:

Cityscape, a fanfare for wind and percussion, was written for and dedicated to James F. Keene and the University of Illinois Wind Symphony.  This symphonic fanfare was designed to make a bold opening statement for the ensemble’s 2006 performance in New York City’s Carnegie Hall.  Intense, clashing harmonies and tight, vertical rhythms combine with moments of calm, yet unsettled release to depict the atmosphere within the endless canyons of metal and cement in the heart of the city.

A quick side note: the CUWE took a crew of 19 members to the concert where this was premiered.  It was an amazing show, and Cityscape fit the program very nicely.

Now for some links:

Madison Music Works – Scott Boerma’s publishing company for his marching band arrangements and concert band compositions.  Features information and recordings of several of his pieces.  This is his main professional web outlet, and thus it includes an extensive biography.

In case you missed it at Madison Music, a recording of Cityscape by its dedicatees: the University of Illinois Wind Symphony, conducted by James Keene.  Here is that same recording on YouTube:

Mr. Boerma’s main institutional homes: Madison Scouts and University of Michigan Band.