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Buffalo native Rossano Galante (b. 1967) is known for several short, energetic overtures for band including The Redwoods, Resplendent Glory, and Transcendent Journey.  He studied with Jerry Goldsmith at the prestigious film scoring program at the University of Southern California.  He continues to receive commissions from bands around the United States and to work as an orchestrator of film scores.

Galante wrote Resplendent Glory in 2005.  From the score:

Resplendent Glory is a romantic/heroic composition. The main theme of the work begins immediately, stated by trumpets, then passed to the woodwinds and horns.  The theme then modulates with a morse-code like ostinato in the woodwinds to support the trumpet melody, and adding sporadic horn counterpoint.  This flows into the B section where the trumpet melody is supported by horn triplets and woodwind runs.  This section should sound very heroic.  The B theme is then stated by trombones with woodwinds supporting the rhythmic harmony.  Next, the A theme returns with more activity and counterpoint, followed by the transition to the C section of the work.  This section has a very lush melody stated by woodwinds and horns.  Oboes and clarinets take over the theme accompanied by an eighth note ostinato and a flute obligato.  After a tutti restatement of this romantic theme the main melody returns with full ensemble, ending with a big climax full of brass fanfares and woodwind flourishes.

Galante’s most extensive biography exists on Alfred.  He also has an IMDb page.

This is one of the best recordings you’ll ever find of Resplendent Glory:

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