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Gordon Jacob (1895-1984) was a 20th century British composer.  Along with Holst and Vaughan Williams, he is known as an early champion of the wind band and a skilled composer in the medium.  His 1928 An Original Suite is considered standard repertoire.  Its very title shows its significance: when it was first published (by Boosey), the publisher added the “Original” piece to the title, presumably to distinguish it from the many popular music arrangements that dominated the wind band repertoire at the time.

The Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music Wind Ensemble performed this whole suite very recently and put it on YouTube, which is very convenient for this site.

1st Movement: March

2nd Movement: Intermezzo

3rd Movement: Finale

Gordon Jacob on Wikipedia – note the middle names! – a website run by the Jacob family promoting Gordon’s life and music. program notes for An Original Suite.

Original Suite page at – includes links to information about CD recordings, a brief discussion of the piece, and a CD review.

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