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Leroy Anderson (1908-1975) wrote several legendary classical-pops pieces that remain popular, many of which he also arranged for wind band.  Among them are Sleigh Ride, The Irish Washerwoman, Bugler’s Holiday, and Belle of the Ball.  Bugler’s Holiday (1954) is one of his most enduring classics.  Originally scored for trumpet trio and orchestra, it has been performed by groups of nearly every instrument imaginable, often to great comic effect. – a treasure trove of information on the composer and his music, including a listening room.

Once Upon a Sleigh Ride – a PBS documentary about Anderson and his music.

Bugler’s Holiday at

There are so many performances of Bugler’s Holiday on YouTube that I just had to pick some that stood out.  I highly recommend going and looking at a bunch more if you have the time.  Here’s a YouTube search link for you.

An excellent performance by a German band that appears to have memorized their music. Watch out for the bari sax player!

One among many adaptations, this one for bassoon quintet:

Finally, I present without comment a choral version:

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