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Daniel Kallman is a composer from Minnesota.  He writes music for varied media, including radio, worship, theater, and concerts. He has worked with such luminaries as Garrison Keillor and Philip Brunelle. His music has won him awards and recognition in the US, Europe, and east Asia. His Promenade and Galop was a finalist in the Columbia Summer Winds’s Outdoor Composition Contest.

Kallman has his own extensive website,, which features a full catalog of his works and recordings of several of them.

Galop is just one half of the set Promenade and Galop.  It was written on commission for the Hopkins Minnesota High School Wind Ensemble.

Listen to Galop.  Or just look at this video:

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  1. I am an 84 yr.old enjoying the privelege of auditing the 4:00 Symphonic Band class @ MSU. Professor Daniel Kallman will be conducting us next Tue. performing ‘The Jig Is Up’. What a delight! Dr. Amy Roisum-Foley told us of the available performances of many great concert pieces being presented by some outstanding groups on F.B. Very profitable to just tag along on my bass trombone when the sheet music is available. I’m a real neophyte in the realm of copyright laws and such. Is it possible to buy just the bass trombone music for some of the more challenging works which have been recorded? The 6 month break in musical activity in New Ulm is a little much for this transplant from California.
    The bloviating comes with the age. Sorry. Sincerely

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