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On November 2, I’m leading a band reading session at the Music Conservatory of Westchester for the Westchester County Arts Leadership Association.  I was asked to pick music from a range of grade levels that I liked.  I tried to go beyond that and pick music from relatively unknown or up-and-coming composers that not only spanned the grade level spectrum, but was also uniformly fun to play.  I also managed to find a handful of pieces that were unconventionally published.  I trust that you’ll find several pieces on this list worth a look.

Flight of the Banshee – Roland Barrett (grade 1/2 – Belwin Band)

Gentle Winds – Timothy Loest (grade 1/2 – FJH)

G-Force Five! – Ralph Ford (grade 1/2 – Belwin)

Chrysalis – Michael Story (grade 1 – Belwin)

The Gates of Destiny – Gary Fagan (grade 1 – Alfred)

Pride and Purpose – Patrick J. Burns (grade 1.5 – FJH)

Adrenaline Engines – Randall Standridge (grade 2.5 – Grand Mesa)

Groundhog’s Lament – Daniel Kallman (grade 3 – Boosey & Hawkes)

Flat Rock March – Roger Vogel (grade 3 – Jon Ross Music)

Maiden Voyage – Shirley Mier (grade 3.5 – Grand Mesa)

Pentium – Peter Graham (grade 4 – Gramercy Music)

King Cotton – John Philip Sousa (grade 4 – Band Music PDF Library)

Galop – Daniel Kallman (grade 4.5 –

Metropolitan Overture – Alexandre Travassos (grade 4.5 – e-mail composer)

September – Michael Mogensen (grade 5 – Barnhouse)

Xerxes – John Mackey (grade 5.5 – Osti Music)

Beacon Fires – Rob Smith (grade 5.5 – e-mail composer)

Monument Fanfare and Tribute – Philip Rothman (grade 6 –

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