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Welcome to my blog!  I write about music for winds in all its forms, from chamber music to huge symphonic works, from beginning band to professional level.  This is not a comprehensive repertoire site, rather musings and resources on music that I’ve conducted or that I admire.  If you’re looking for something specific, you can search or browse the categories below.  Also, feel free to contact me if you have questions or comments: misterpease “at”  Finally, check out and “like” my Facebook page to see regular updates about the goings-on here.


This summer is the quietist I will have had in many years, with no conducting obligations at all due to the arrival of our first child and the expectation that we will move somewhere far away for a new job (more on that as it develops).  I have finished my work at Arizona State University, where I had a wonderful experience and came out with a DMA degree!  Among my greatest accomplishments is my thesis, “An Annotated Bibliography of Symphonies for Wind Band” (pdf).  A searchable web version of that is currently in the works, coming soon!


I remain on the board of the world’s best outdoor summer band, Columbia Summer Winds.  The conductors (William Tonissen, Sarah Quiroz, and Greg Whitmore) have a wonderful program lined up for their concerts in New York City this summer!  See their full schedule here.

Ecstatic Fanfare – Steven Bryant

Molly on the Shore – Percy Grainger

If You Could Only See The Frog – Paul Richards

Second Suite in F – Gustav Holst

Selections from Into the Woods – Stephen Sondheim/arr. Bulla

The Hounds of Spring – Alfred Reed

The Stars and Stripes – John Philip Sousa


I will also be spending some time at the World Association of Symphonic Bands and Ensembles (WASBE) Conference in San Jose, California in July.  Look forward to some new types of posts coming out of that!


Looking for a recap?  Here they are in abundance: Spring 2015Fall 2014Summer 2014Spring 2014Fall 2013Summer 2013Spring 2013Fall 2012Summer 2012,  Spring 2012Fall 2011, Summer 2011, Spring 2011,  Fall 2010.


  1. Is it okay to place part of this in my personal site if I submit a reference to this site?

  2. Hi Andy,

    Could you maby contact me via my e-mail? I have some questions about “Overture” from Dancer in the Dark and Lux Aurumque. I would like to play them pieces with my brass ensemble but dont know where to buy them.

    Thanks in advance.

    The Netherlands

    • Michel – please use my e-mail address, listed at the top of the page, to get in touch. Yours isn’t showing up. Thanks!

  3. hey mr. pease i am a student from the all county band 1 trombone , how do we listen to our peices???

    sincerely Finlay Boardma

    • Hi Finlay – if you’ve made it this far, just click on the titles of the pieces above. I tend to hide the recordings towards the bottom of each post, so be sure to scroll down. Enjoy!

  4. Hey. I wish you lots of luck with ur new job and house. It should be with lots of success and it should a happy and healthy one for your family. Remember if you have any questions about the NYC subway or Amtrak, that’s Chaim Bamberger at your service. Please email me some time. Thank you. Lots of luck. Chaim Bamberger class of 2007

  5. Hey Andy My name is Elizabeth. I’m English I really like your blog, Just listened to Alligator Alley by Michael Daugherty. Awesome bassoon feature. I write a blog dedicated to wind band music as well. It’s more a site for people to discover wind band music than professionals and conductors to find music to play. I’m trying to research the history of wind band music compositions but I keep hitting dead ends. Do you happen to know anything about it or good places to go to find out? I have found books on history of wind bands themselves but not the actual music of the 20th century, the music that
    influenced Philip Sparke, Johan de Meij etc, where modern wind band music originated from. If you could point me in the right direction I’d be very grateful, if not then don’t worry. Do check my blog out if you can at, feedback is appreciated, it’s sill a new project. I look forward to hearing more great music from you.

  6. Slow morning here in Cleveland Tennessee and I stumbled onto your blog while I was looking for a recording of Esprit de Corps with what I considered the “correct” tempo for my wind lit kids to listen to. Good reading. You have a bunch of good stuff here. thanks for taking the time to do this.

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